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Enjoy our latest wedding videos and let us impress you!

Do you wish the best day of your life to be a unique emotions vortex?

Good then, the promise of I Wedding Mexico is to help you in the most beautiful moment of your life to make your wedding the most unforgettable experience you have ever lived.
iWedding Mexico organizes weddings, coordinating all the necessary activities, including the burocracy and legal matters in the Riviera Maya.
Only those who have a natural taste for fashion, beauty and art can express it. We take the Riviera Maya taste and elegance to your wedding. iWedding Mexico cooperates with the best partners on this sector who can really make this day the most beautiful and unforgettable of your life.
If you want to know who we are and how we work i will reveal you a secret…..
Her name is Daniela and she started her job that she does with love and passion, 5 years ago organizing a wedding for one of her best friends back in Italy. With style, elegance and outstanding coordination skills, she has managed to organize more than 80 weddings with great success and positive results. In the Caribbean, where the beach, the sea, the sun, the music and the colors are the ideal background for your most special day, she applies with majestic success the same philosophy: style, elegance and good coordination are the fundamental elements to organize the perfect wedding – your wedding.
Get in contact with us for a free consultancy or quotation, we will be glad to prove our value to you. It will be our pleasure to know you and fulfill all your desires and dreams.
Just close your eyes and make a wish.
Daniela and the Staff of iWedding Mexico are waiting for you.
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